Secure payment

"A l'heure du goûter®" brings attention to security of Internet payments.

Payment by credit card


Logo paiement carte bancaire caisse d'epargne


Your bank account information is encrypted and transmitted in a totally secure environment in our financial partner, the Caisse d'Epargne. They are never known or recorded by "A l'Heure du goûter®".

With the system SYSTEMPAY The Caisse d'Epargne, you made your purchases on the site safely. Your credit card number passes not in clear over Internet using SSL encryption and it is directly entered on the site secure SYSTEMPAY.

Payment by paypal

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The payment is ensured by PAYPALrecognized for its reliability as regards transactions on internet. PAYPAL uses "Secure Socket Layer" SSL so that the transmitted information is encrypted by a software and any third party cannot take note during transport on the network. No information is known nor recorded by "A l'Heure du goûter®".