«A l'heure du goûter® ", the pretty story.


This adventure started a little by chance.

Everything started when I became a MOM for the first time. The birth of my little boy, I decided to take the time to live and especially to see it grow. I therefore reduced my principal activity to no longer work part-time. But how to occupy the long afternoon nap?

It is at that time that I discovered the polymer and its possibilities... I've always liked the craft, a little touching everything, I have always been very curious and I like doing things myself but I knew absolutely not this material! It's only one evening by chance that I discovered it on the internet...

Being very greedy, it is natural that I turned to «greedy jewellery» jewellery that I model myself handmade polymer clay in my small workshop Bordeaux. I am inspired by everything that is eaten with a preference for sugar... And in this area, sources of inspiration are not lacking!

I started, slowly, by creating jewelry that me were first intended... Then, for all as greedy as me girlfriends... I posted some pictures on social networks: "A l'Heure du goûter ®" was born!

Noticed by many fashion blogs, "A l'heure du goûter®" takes over more extensive and, in October 2011, 6 months after its creation, becomes a registered trademark!

This pretty adventure led me into the salons of designers and allowed me to participate especially in Bordeaux editions 2011 and 2012, the Salon of the creators and the Ateliers d'Art' and the «Salon des métiers d'art» at the 'Foire internationale de Bordeaux» (may 2012 & may 2013). 

At the moment, "A l'heure du goûter®" is 4 collections per year (one for each season) that you can discover in a online shop soft and feminine colors! Jewelry in the air of the time who, despite a growing success, continue to be carried out by hand in France, in Bordeaux.

Discover it also blog "A l'heure du goûter®" detailing the various events of the mark. You can discover forward first, the theme of the new collections, the backstage of shootings photos or participate in our contests... 

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